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Wireless Computing Inc. manufactures computer peripherals based on radio frequency (RF) technology. The company's first product, an RF keyboard and RF wireless mouse called the RF-50 Keyboard and Mouse Touchpad, was the first commercial wireless keyboard to use RF technology. It became the standard in the boardrooms, conference rooms, and training rooms of Fortune 500 and government entities throughout the world.

The company's second-generation RF keyboard, the RF-25 Wireless SurfBoard™, shipped in August of 1997. Sharing its predecessor's RF technology and built-in touch pad, the Wireless SurfBoard added a number of important enhancements, including longer operating range, extended battery life, an external mouse port, and an external joystick port. The Wireless SurfBoard was positioned for business and home applications.

To address the needs of presenters, in October of 1998 Wireless Computing developed the RF-10 Wireless SurfMouse.™ This handheld touch pad / two-button RF mouse provides presenters with the same range and ease of use as the Wireless SurfBoard, tailored to their more straightforward needs. We followed up on that success with the RF-250 Wireless Keyboard in September 2002, adding simple encryption for the first time to help secure sensitive information.

The latest generation of wireless keyboards includes the RF-600 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard (pictured). Introduced in April 2011, the RF-600 raises the bar for long-range radio- frequency keyboards with individual mechanical keyswitches in addition to AES encryption, two-way communications, over 65,000 addresses, 100' operating range, longer battery life, and a USB receiver, which have become standard for Wireless Computing keyboards.

We introduced the RF-222 Compact Wireless Keyboard in 2008 and the RF-240 Encrypted Wireless Keyboard in 2009.

Like the RF-600, each of these keyboards includes AES Secure technology, an implementation of the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), a powerful cryptographic algorithm adopted by the United States government. It is widely used not only to protect sensitive government and military data, but to secure all kinds of electronic data, including financial transactions. The RF-240 is ideal for use in government, corporate and higher-education applications where security may be an issue and a full-sized, lightweight design is desired.

With an integrated optical trackball, high-quality scissors keys and 1,000 hours of battery life, the RF-222 is the perfect choice when you need accuracy, security and mobility. It is equally at home in the board room, the classroom or the living room.

Wireless Computing also offers the RF-172 Optical Mouse, taking advantage of the same radio frequency technology to respond to the needs of our customers. The mouse uses an LED optical sensor for extremely precise cursor movement. Each can be used on its own or in conjunction with any of our keyboards to give presenters all of the flexibility and reliability they require.

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