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Stephen Schimmel is a restless spirit.

"I don't like to sit still when I work," says Schimmel, a writer and businessman. When he works at home, he can move between any of four computers, each linked by a network file server and each equipped with a Wireless Computing wireless keyboard. He can sit, stand, lounge or walk anywhere in his office, family room, bedroom or a side room and have a computer handy and a keyboard and mouse at hand.

"I really like this keyboard," Schimmel says, for four reasons.

1. "It's much more compact and much easier to work with very quickly and efficiently than others I've seen."

Schimmel also likes to carry his keyboard around and use it on various work surfaces: on a desk, a coffee table, his bed, his lap.

2. Because he moves while he's working, he needs a long range keyboard. "This particular system," he says, "does a very good job of taking in long distances reliably. At times I use it easily 30 - 50" from the computer."

3. Because he hates the clutter of wires and the damage and mess of installing them, Schimmel says he uses a lot of wireless devices. He has wireless phones, a wireless computer network, and Crestron wireless touch panels controlling his audio gear plus heating, lighting, security and air conditioning.

"All these signals can obviously clash," he says, "but I've seen very little interference with my wireless keyboards."

4. Because he uses them every day, he needs his keyboards to work reliably. "I have to emphasize 'reliably,'" he says. "Reliability is extremely important."

For all of these reasons, Schimmel says he buys only Wireless Computing keyboards.

"There's nobody else on the market today that makes a product like they do," he explains. "First of all, most of today's keyboards do not address long distances. They don't have the means to co-exist with higher end equipment without interference. Most of them insist on using an old style mouse where you have to roll your wrist all over the place."

Schimmel also says he's had excellent service from the company, both at the time of purchase and whenever he's had any problems. That's one reason he's willing to be quoted here.

"One problem is that a lot of companies think cheap, cheap, cheap," he says. "But if you want something good, you've got to pay for it."

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