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Users of our long range wireless keyboards

Wireless Computing's long range wireless keyboards and wireless mice are used in education, business, government and in the home. They are especially useful in meeting rooms, auditoriums, classrooms, offices and home theaters.

Here's how a few of our customers are using our products:

In education: Perfect in lecture halls and classrooms where instructors need reliable communications with a computer that may be in a lectern or equipment rack 50 to 100' away. The RF-222, combining a compact keyboard and optical trackball, is especially popular for teachers who like to move around and present from wherever they are in the room. The RF-240 is best for those who prefer a full-sized keyboard with a separate, wireless mouse.

In government: AES encryption ensures high security for sensitive information. Long operating range, two-way communications and high-quality wireless components ensure trouble-free operations, whether in a conference area, board room, training center, courtroom, or other facility.

In business: Reliable, long-range operation gives presenters and meeting participants confidence and flexibility. Whether you use your keyboard in the office or the conference room, AES encryption means there's never any risk to crucial information. Our wireless keyboardsand wireless mice are perfect in meeting rooms, showrooms, retail stores, conference centers and private offices - wherever reliable, secure operations are a must.

In homes: Discerning computer users appreciate our keyboards and mice for their operating range, reliability, and security. They're perfect in a home office, home theater, game room or family room, because they allow you to work or play where you're most comfortable, they never lose a keystroke, and they never compromise credit card numbers or other confidential information.

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