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Wireless Computing weighs in with wireless laser mouse

50-ft range, laser sensor, and scroll ball make this mouse a knockout

Do you need a laser mouse with 50-foot range? If you use a computer in front of an audience, you might.

Priced at $199 (SRP), Wireless Computing’s new RF-170 Wireless Laser Mouse isn’t cheap. But it could be exactly the right mouse for the conference room, auditorium, or training room where you live the most adrenaline-packed moments of your business life - and risk a black eye if the mouse stops working.

The RF-170’s sleek, black case shows this is not Wireless Computing’s first time in the ring. A laser sensor makes cursor movement nimble and smooth, even on offbeat surfaces that KO yesterday's LED mice. The small scroll ball, located between the left and right buttons, delivers elegant scrolling. Can you say, "The wheel is dead, long live the ball?"

To make weight, the RF-170 omits a few things. It doesn't have a bunch of extra buttons, just two. It doesn’t use a recharging base – two AA batteries keep it on its feet for fifteen rounds. And the RF-170 doesn't require special software. Simply plug the receiver into a USB port on your Windows XP/Vista, Mac or Linux computer, and you’re ready to spar.

The bottom line is that the RF-170 works with uncanny accuracy and reliability. As Ferris Bueller said: "If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up."

About Wireless Computing

Wireless Computing, Inc. designs and manufactures high-performance wireless computer peripherals. Their wireless keyboards, mice and presentation controllers are used in corporations, educational institutions, high-end home media centers and government facilities worldwide.

Photos and review samples

Scheduled to ship in August 2007, samples of the RF-170 are available now for editorial review.

Click for a high-resolution photo.

Contact Wireless Computing for a review sample (editors only), or phone Martin Phillips at 512.263.2205

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