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Sometimes the sending LED on my keyboard blinks green, and other times it blinks red. What's that all about?
The two colors indicate whether the keyboard is getting through to the computer successfully. Green means keystrokes are getting through. Red means something is wrong and keystrokes are not getting through.

Try the following experiment. Unplug the receiver from your computer and type a few keystrokes. The sending LED should blink red. Then plug the receiver in and type again. Now you should see green blinks. The sending LED will blink red in these situations:

  1. Computer is powered off
  2. Receiver is unplugged
  3. Keyboard is out of range of receiver
  4. Ambient RF interference is blocking communication
  5. Receiver and keyboard are not on the same address
The LED on the RF-019 USB receiver stays RED.
The computer has not connected to the receiver. Unplug the USB cable and plug it back into the computer.

Key presses not getting through
  1. If no LEDs blink when you press a key, replace the batteries.
  2. If the sending LED blinks RED when you press a key, reposition the keyboard or receiver. For best operation the keyboard should be between 1 and 100 feet from the receiver. If this is ineffective, set the address again.
  3. If the sending LED blinks GREEN when you type a key, disconnect the receiver from the computer then reconnect .
Can my RF-240 ever lose its address?
No. Wireless Computing devices save their address in EEPROM. This type of memory will retain the address for 10 years.

The RF-240 isn't working with Windows 98 or Windows NT.
The RF-240 is not compatible with Windows 98 or Windows NT. You will need Windows MCE, XP or later .

Ctrl-Alt-Delete doesn't work (Windows)
The keyboard is configured for use with the Macintosh. Press both left and right Win and Alt keys at the same time. This will set the keyboard for use with Windows.

The 'Windows' menu comes up when the Alt key is pressed (Windows)
The keyboard is configured for use with the Macintosh. Press both left and right Win and Alt keys at the same time. This will set the keyboard for use with Windows.

The 'Option' and 'Command' keys are backwards (Macintosh)
The keyboard is configured for use with Windows. Press both left and right Command and Option keys at the same time. This will set the keyboard for use with the Macintosh.

The 'Break' key doesn't work (Windows)
To send a Break you need to hold down the Ctrl key and press the Pause/Break key.

Why does my RF-240 with USB receiver stop working when my Windows XP login screensaver is running?
An immediate fix is to unplug the USB receiver and plug it back in. Once you're able to log into the system as an administrator-level user, do the following:
  1. Click the Start menu.
  2. Click the All Programs menu item (this will show all your programs).
  3. Click the Administrative Tools item in the All Programs menu.
  4. Click the Component Services item in the administrative Tools menu.
  5. Double-click the Services (Local) entry (this will display a list of services in the right pane).
  6. Locate the HID Input Service entry.
  7. Double-click the HID Input Sevice entry.
  8. Click the General tab at the top of the properties dialog.
  9. Locate the popup labeled Startup type.
  10. Change the value of the Startup type popup to Automatic.
  11. Locate the Service status field. It should be Started.
  12. If Service status is not Started, click the Start button.
  13. Click the OK button to close the properties dialog.
  14. Click the File menu item in the menu bar.
  15. Click Exit item in the File menu.
Does the 'Fn' key on the RF-240 Wireless Keyboard work like on a laptop?
No. The Fn key on the RF-240 is only used for special keyboard operations such as setting the address and managing multiple receivers.

How do I set the address on the RF-240?
To set the address of an RF-240:
  1. Press and release the button on the underside of the receiver. This will put the receiver into addressing mode. The receiver's LED will blink for 30 seconds.
  2. Press and hold the left-Ctrl key on the keyboard (lower left corner).
  3. Press and release the Pause-Break key on the keyboard.
  4. Release the left-Ctrl key.
The RF-240 should now be addressed. The receiver will continue to blink for an additional 30 seconds allowing you to set additional devices to the same address.

How can I use one RF-240 and receiver with multiple computers?
Connect the receiver to a multi-port KVM switch.

How can I use multiple Wireless Computing devices (keyboard, mouse and presentation remote) on one computer?
With your Wireless Computing keyboard, mouse and/or remote in range of the receiver, press the address button on the underside of the receiver and then press the address setting button(s) on each device you wish to use with that receiver (refer to each devices instructions for specifics).

When I plug in the USB receiver, my PS/2 keyboard and trackball go dead
When some computers detect more than one boot keyboard, they disable one of them. In cases where you need both the wireless device and wired PS/2 keyboard and trackball, you should be able to use a PS/2-to-USB adapter. The computer will then treat both keyboards as USB devices.

I spilled liquid into the keyboard
Don't turn the keyboard over. The keyboard's slope will channel the water to the bottom of the keyboard away from the circuit board at the top right of the keyboard. Turning the keyboard over will increase the risk of getting the circuit board wet and will also allow the liquid to flow into the keycaps.

Disconnect the receiver and remove the batteries from the keyboard. Contact your reseller or Wireless Computing immediately.

Can I use a USB-to-PS/2 adapter with the USB receiver?
No. The USB receiver is a 'combo' device. This means that the computer treats it as more than one USB device. The USB-to-PS/2 adapters that come with corded USB device are designed to handle only single devices. These are usually color-coded (purple - keyboard, green - trackball). If you have no available USB ports, you can use a USB hub or USB card.

Can I use the RF-240 Wireless Keyboard as my only keyboard if I'm using a USB receiver?
In order to use the RF-240 Wireless Keyboard as the only keyboard on a computer, it must be connected directly to a primary USB port so that the computer will recognize it at startup time. It cannot be connected via a hub to use it as the only keyboard on the computer.

How can I find out what address my RF-240 is set to?
Make the RF-240 output its statistics:
  1. Open a text editing application.
  2. Press and hold the Caps Lock and left-Shift keys.
  3. Press and release the Pause-Break key.
  4. Release the Caps Lock and left-Shift keys.
The address is shown on the first line of the statistics:

Address: 40044
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